...and now for the essay portion of our application.

So cute. That guy's puppy is adorable. You want a dog like that. So, you're really going to do it. Finally. You're going to pull the trigger. But from where? Not the place you tried before...where the application was like an SAT. It was easier to buy a house.

Don't they know that it's a tough enough decision as it is?

We used a screener survey to find animal lovers who

are or have thought about adopting a pet,

then selected 5  participants and interviewed them.

This is some of what we heard about their interactions

with pet-centric websites...

We grouped, then re-grouped, insights gathered from the interviews until commonalities emerged.

And here are some of the "I" statements that

we created from those groupings.

The journey we created for Lee

identified her emotional low points

as opportunities for us to

find potential solutions.